ColemanCollective: Fruit Punch

ColemanCollective is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary performing arts company, founded by Cain A. Coleman, Charisma Glasper and Matthew Perez, which aims to bring together artists as equal collaborators to produce art in various forms. This group features choreographers, dancers, actors, writers, visual artists, directors, musicians, and other performers who seek to share and create with artists of diverse cultures and disciplines, through performance, education, and collaboration. The artistic direction is suggested by Coleman and Perez, while the collaborators they bring on, inevitably bend that vision, to create something completely original and unexpected.  The effort to work towards a mutual understanding and learn through collaboration is what fuels the collective.

‘Fruit Punch’ is a live theatrical performance work, depicting the ins and outs of bullying and how it translates to adulthood. The impetus for this production, was a tragic Bronx school stabbing in 2017. There is such irony in the bully getting fed up with being abused, and eventually becoming the aggressor. How could the tables turn so drastically, so quickly? And who is the actual victim here?

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