Downtown Dance Factory returns to BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center for its ninth annual dance recital series!

Girls and boys from three through eighteen will perform amazing dances in styles ranging from hip hop, jazz, breaking and tap, to classical ballet, musical theater, contemporary and lyrical dance! Accompanied by music from the Spice Girls to Celine to "Sweet Charity", from Madonna to MJ, from Lloyd Webber to Lorde & Lecrae, … expect an amazing journey of dance through the ages! From the enthusiasm of our littlest dancers through to the outstanding technique and artistry of our senior dancers, prepare to be thoroughly entertained from the moment the curtains part!

For ticket related questions / phone sales, call Ticketingbox at 1.888.974.3698. For any show related questions, please call Downtown Dance Factory at 212.962.1800, email or visit Downtown Dance Factory’s website.

Tribeca Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers Street New York, NY 10007
Shake (6/3 @10:30am) on sale May 1st @10:00am
Rattle (6/3 @1:00pm) on sale May 1st @11:00am
Roll (6/3 @3:30pm) on sale May 1st @12:00pm
Show 1 (6/8 @6:30pm) on sale May 2nd @10:00am
Show 2 (6/9 @9:30am) on sale May 3rd @10:00am
Show 3 (6/9 @1:00pm) on sale May 4th @10:00am
Show 4 (6/9 @4:30pm) on sale May 8th @10:00am
Show 5 (6/10 @9:30am) on sale May 9th @10:00am
Show 6 (6/10 @1:00pm) on sale May 10th @10:00am
Show 7 (6/10 @4:30pm) on sale May 11th @10:00am