Songs of our Time
Tribeca PAC, March 26-2017, 6 pm
Songs of Our Time” - without any doubts, is culturally unique music ensemble, which has gained a huge success and audience standing ovations throughout all the former USSR countries as well as abroad. Exquisite musical culture, irresistible artistic presentation, humor and temperament – all these impressions you get during this group concerts.
Songs of Our Time” singers/musicians have performed in 11 foreign countries: USA & Canada (numerous times), Germany, Finland, Israel (several times), all European Baltic Republics, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, successfully completed 27 international tours (list enclosed). Over the years, have created and released 9 joint albums of songs devoted to the most decorated Russian bards – poets and composers (more than 550000 copies of these CDS’ were sold), not to mention group members own original albums.
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