Jazz Roots Dance: The Jo Jo Smith Legacy Project
The Jo Jo Smith Legacy Project will document and preserve Jo Jo Smith’s original works along with styling and training techniques of the jazz dance icon. JoJo Smith, the veteran Broadway dancer who helped define disco in Hollywood films as one of the go-to contemporary choreographers and coaches of the 1970s disco era, working with John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever.  He went on to work with such stars as Barbra Streisand, Debbie Allen, and more. Jo Jo also served as founder of JoJo’s Dance Factory, which continues its legacy to this day. Jazz Roots Dance Company is dedicated to the preservation of the classic jazz dance form, and aims to entertain and educate all generations about the roots of classic jazz dance. The Jazz Roots Dance Company Company premiered its first full length production "Jazz on the West Side” in 2014. Other performances include New York City Center’s Career Transitions for Dancers 30th Anniversary Pearl Jubilee and Dumbo Dance Festival, where Jazz Roots performed "Down into Muddy Water" in the classic jazz style of Matt Mattox.  
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