Person Place Thing: Jeffrey Ervine

Host Randy Cohen will be interviewing Jeffrey Ervine, the Founder and President of  Jeff Ervine is an impassioned tech entrepreneur with a Wall Street background. After being the subject and target of online bullying as an adult, Jeff Ervine set out to change the world for the better, starting with our country’s youth. Jeff created Bridg-it, an app that provides school communities with the first sustainable solution to bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment.

“Person Place Thing” is an interview show based on this idea: people are particularly engaging when they speak not directly about themselves but about something they care about. Guests talk about one person, one place, and one thing that are important to them. The result?  Surprising stories from great speakers. For twelve years Randy Cohen wrote “The Ethicist,” a weekly column for the The New York Times Magazine. His first television work was writing for Late Night with David Letterman for which he won three Emmy awards.

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